It is with deep respect and sincere gratitude that we pause this Veterans Day to honor those who
 have served and are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces.
We Thank You beyond what words can express for your service
 that provides our cherished freedoms.


Dan Birch (Avondale) served in the US Navy on board the USS Elokomin and the USS Kiowa as an Interior Communications third class petty officer during Vietnam 1969 to 1971.

Jason Maloney (Oxford) served in the US Air Force from 1996 - 2016. He retired as a Master Sergeant.

Bob Bakalez’ (Oxford) Father
Miron Bakalez
served in the US Navy 1943-1946 WWII. 

Chuck Hammond’s (Avondale) Son
CJ Hammond served in the US Marines for 4 years. 

Andrew Crawford (Commercial) served in the US Army from 1966 - 1972.

Bob Bakalez’ (Oxford) Brother-In-Law Gerry Delmonico served in the US Army 1970-1976.

Doug Chase’ (Oxford) Father
Harold Chase served in the US Air Force from 1953-1958. 

Karen Irwin’s (Appraisal) son
Brett Irwin US Army 2008 - 2012. Stationed in Germany, deployed to Afghanistan 4 times. 

George Duncan (Oxford) served in the US Navy from 1960-1966. He was a 3rd Class Petty Officer.

Bob Bakalez’ (Oxford) Uncle
Lloyd Robson served in the US Air Force for 20 years.

Linda Chew’s (Oxford) Husband
Don Chew served in the US Army from 1966-1970.

Ed Rees’ (Oxford) Father Charles Rees Sr. US Air Force, Korean War as a Top Gunner on a B-29 Bomber. After numerous missions his plane crashed during a Typhoon in the East China Sea. He was 1 of the only 2 survivors of 11 crew members. 

Bill Raymond (Longwood) served in the US Navy Reserve.

Bob Bakalez’ (Oxford) Uncle
Ernest Robson was killed in action in the Philippines.

Maureen Phillips’ (Oxford) Husband
Dr. Ronald Phillips was a Captain in the US Army and served in Vietnam as a Trauma Surgeon from 1970-1971.

Jamie Kepler's (Anvil) Father Ted Poole served in the US Army during Vietnam 1964-1966. 

Allison Weer's (Longwood) Father-In-Law Robert Weer Sr. is a Veteran US Army. 

Brian Campbell's Brother 
Anthony Campbell served in the US Marines for 4 years. 

  Veterans Not Pictured

  Brian Campbell's Brother Yancel Campbell served for 20 years. 

  Tom Biedekapp’s (Longwood) Brother David DeKapp US Air Force Korean War.

  Danita Hersh’ (Farm & Land) Husband Dave Hersh US Marines in Vietnam in
  1969.  Grandchild Brandin Morrow US Army National Guard 4 years.

Maria Moran's (Oxford) Nephew Justin McCormick served in the US Army 2012- 2016. 

Deborah Murray's (Longwood) Husband Bruce Murray served in the US Navy. 

  Veterans Not Pictured

  Rosemary McGovern's (Longwood) Father William P McGovern US Army WWII.

  Allison Weer's (Longwood) Grandfather Donald Proctor WWII as a B-17 pilot. 

  Paul Yeckley’s (Oxford) Father Paul Yeckley Sr. US Army Paratrooper. 


Bob Bakalez’ (Oxford) Nephew Tom Conley is serving in the US Air Force 2001 to present US Air National Guard.

Maria Moran’s (Oxford) Nephew Eric Chavez is serving as a Corporal in the US Marines in Yuma, AZ. 

Ben Beiler’s Nephew Gabe Groshong is serving as a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force in Korea since  2004.

Darcie Ward's (Oxford & Avondale) nephew Jarrett Priest completed basic training at Lackland Texas Air Force Base in November 2016.  

Jamie (Anvil) and Chip Kepler's Son Cody Kepler is a Lance Corporal serving in the US Marines from 2013.  

Lisa Rowe's (Avondale) nephew Mikael Wood is serving in the US Army.  

Chris McCaffrey’s (Del Val) Cousin Richard Stickley is serving in the US Nat’l Guard. Shown here with his Father Richard (Dick) Stickley who served in the US Army. 

 Currently Serving Not Pictured

  Bill Camp's (Commercial)
  Sister Deborah Wheeling is serving
  as Major General at the Pentagon.

  Greg Collins, Son of Steve & Laurie
  Collins (Appraisal) is a Petty Officer
  2nd Class in the US Navy, currently
  stationed in VA.  

  Danita Hersh’ (Farm & Land)
  Grandchild Destinie Morrow is
  serving in the US Army 
  National Guard.