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Smart Staging

Little Details Make a Big Difference

By Beiler-Campbell Realtors & Appraisers on 9/20/2020

When staging your home for sale, depersonalizing, decluttering and deep cleaning should be your mantra! Ironically, some of the smallest spaces in your house can make the biggest impressions on buyers. Give extra attention to these essential spaces in your home where buyers can be won or lost:

CLOSETS packed tight with all your clothes make an entire home feel like it lacks storage space
- Consider temporarily storing overflow off site
- Use matching hangers for a modern look
- Organize so there is clear space on the floor and shelves

BEDROOMS should appear to be a place of relaxation and comfort.
- Remove TV’s, office furniture, power strips and pet beds
- Use gender neutral colors
- Clear personal pictures and decorative items that are distractions and prevent a buyer from picturing themselves in the home
- Add a modern headboard to provide a visual focal point and add sophistication

BATHROOMS must be sparkle. Time and elbow grease is well spent to sanitize every inch of your bathrooms
- Replace toilet seats, re-caulk, clear drains and clean floor and tile grout
- Empty trash cans before showings and stash it away
- Remove floor mats and replace shower curtains with one with a neutral color
- Hang only one set of neutral color, fluffy towels
- Light fixtures should be clean and have bright bulbs
- Grimy walls can be sprayed with a mixture and water and followed up by a fresh coat of neutral paint
- Clear countertops and medicine cabinets of everything to make the space look open and larger

KITCHENS are the heart of the home for so many
- Modernize your dated cabinets by having them refinished if budget allows
- Completely clear countertops – especially that cluttered desk area
- Clean island chair cushions
- Remove papers and magnets from fridge
- Replace brass or wooden hardware with brushed silver or stainless steel
- Clean the fridge, sink, inside of your oven door and declutter your cabinets
- Remove rugs from kitchen floors
- Empty the trash and stash the container for showings

Efforts put into these rooms will pay-off with a home that has broad appeal to buyers. Need some help? Contact us and we can discuss how to best prep your home for a quick sale!

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