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"I choose to work for a locally owned company because the close ties in the community that Brian, Ben and Anthony have brings confidence to my clients."

Erika Chase

BCR Realtor® since 1983

"I can tell prospective clients that Beiler-Campbell’s owners live locally and are always available any time I need help. This support allows me to deliver a higher level of customer service."

Elin Green

BCR Realtor® since 2006

"I enjoy working with a locally owned company where integrity is a priority."

John Kriza

BCR Realtor® since 2003

"I can offer one-stop shopping with title and mortgage under one roof. My clients feel secure knowing all the departments correspond daily and have their best interests at hand."

Ed Campbell

BCR Realtor® since 2000

"I like working for a locally owned company because I have direct access to the owners to bounce ideas off. They serve as mentors to me."

Doug Chase

BCR Realtor® since 1987

"I love working for a locally owned company because I can go in the owners’ office, be greeted with a smile, and leave with the answer I was seeking. It’s a wonderful way to learn the business."

Jennifer Mackenzie

BCR Realtor® since 2016

"I love working with this company! They are committed to our community and our agents."

Joyce Basciani

BCR Realtor® since 1986

"Excellence starts at the top, and we have had it for a long time. Even though we’ve grown, we still manage to have a family atmosphere."

Bob “Bake” Bakalez

BCR Realtor® since 2014

"Beiler -Campbell Realtors practices high level, effective marketing strategies for their clients, while maintaining a strong commitment to the financial success of their agents."

Shannon Przywara

BCR Realtor® since 1994

"I appreciate the trust, training and support the brokers and managers have always given me. I never felt alone, ignored, or unprotected. Beiler Campbell has a great reputation."

Mary Hughes

BCR Realtor® since 2000

"After interviewing with several brokerages I joined BCR ~ it felt like the right fit. I’m happy with my decision! I’ve grown personally & professionally and look forward to more years representing the home town team."

Lisa Rowe

BCR Realtor® since 2001

"Beiler-Campbell provides a family atmosphere and is staffed with the best and brightest around. Everyone is ready to offer advice and help. All your Real Estate needs are covered with this fine network of professionals."

Maria Moran

BCR Realtor® since 2004

"I chose Beiler-Campbell Realtors because of the integrity and reputation. I knew I wanted to be part of this team!"

Robin Whiteman

BCR Realtor® since 2015

"BCR is a part of the fabric of the community. Our team environment, personalized service, and attention to detail are what we use to help provide our neighbors with the very best experience."

Richard Butler

BCR Realtor® since 2017

"I love working with a company that is well represented in my community. The integrity of our local owners is a great benefit. It is such a pleasant work environment at BCR."

George Duncan

BCR Realtor® since 1986

"I choose Beiler-Campbell because it is not only a local family company, they care about families."

Evelyn Perez

BCR Realtor® since 2017

"I joined BCR because they have been in the area as long as I have. I wanted to be with a local brokerage with a strong reputation in the community."

Michelle Mendenhall

BCR Realtor® since 2014

"I choose Beiler-Campbell because not only is it family owned and operated, you feel like you’re part of the family. I wouldn't want to work anywhere else."

Chuck Hammond

BCR Realtor® since 2006

"Beiler-Campbell has a long standing reputation for honesty and integrity and has the respect of the community. It is my honor, privilege, and pleasure to work for such a great company."

Paul Yeckley

BCR Realtor® since 2013

"I appreciate our 'family' atmosphere and our contribution to my home town community. I highly admire the BCR leadership. I am proud to be part of the BCR team."

Linda Chew

BCR Realtor® since 1994

"I choose BCR because our agents and management truly have their fingers on the pulse of the local community and as such are best positioned to meet the community’s real estate needs."

Christian Kriza

BCR Realtor® since 2013

"I chose to work with Beiler-Campbell Farm & Land Division because BCR has a great reputation in our area and I love farms."

Elvin Stoltzfus

BCR Realtor® since 2014

“This is my first experience working for a family business and I feel the care and support BCR has for me and for our clients.”

Dina Avvakumova
BCR Realtor® since 2021


“I am thankful to be learning the business from a management team with so many years of experience in the industry. It’s helpful to have a number of people I can go to with questions.”

Evan Pirrung

BCR Realtor® since 2022

"I chose Beiler-Campbell because of their integrity, character, and commitment to excellence in serving their community through real estate.  When it comes to challenges, BCR doesn't back down to do the right thing."

James Hayward

BCR Realtor® since 2021

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