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Empowered agents who thrive are best able to serve; at home, at the office and in their community. With over 50 years of experience, we know what it takes to succeed in real estate! Our Realtors® are smart, capable and enjoy their work. They approach their career with confidence because they have these 3 KEYS TO SUCCESS:

1. Empowering Support

Guidance and insight from seasoned managers, affiliates and administrative staff will position you at the top of your field.

  • Our seasoned manager team will help you confidently navigate situations that may arise in a transaction.
  • Our experienced managers will accompany you on appointments to secure listings.
  • Our administrative staff handles the details so you can stay on the move, doing what you do best.
  • Our title, mortgage and appraisal experts are in-house and always accessible for fast, trusted answers.
BCR Careers - Empowering Support

2. Results Oriented Training

Beiler-Campbell offers individualized training that fits your needs and prepares you for success.

  • One-on-one coaching with your office manager.
  • Small group classes and webinars taught by industry professionals.
  • Training on online marketing, industry technology, lead generation and conversion, business generation and more.
  • Email Jennifer D'Amico to review our complete education program.
BCR Careers - Dynamic Tools

3. Dynamic Tools

Our team is here to help you succeed as a Realtor®. We equip you with tools to grow your business including:

  • In-house Marketing professional to help one-on-one with launching your online marketing plan to include campaigns, newsletters and your online professional presence on Zillow, Google, REALTOR.com and others.
  • CRM with campaigns, transaction text reminders and market newsletters for your clients.
  • Optimal listing exposure with multiple websites, MLS, social media, network of BCR agents, co-op agents and investors.
  • Dropbox, zipForm, DocuSign, MEA tax records.
  • Custom personalized review requests and logos for social media.

Benefits of a Local Broker

  • Our company owners live locally. We have a heightened responsibility to do business in a way that benefits our entire community.
  • Well-established and growing for over four decades, we’ve earned our community’s trust and respect. We know this market – and our Realtors® benefit from our strong base of business referrals.
  • Our company owners and managers are involved in the business every day, and are always available to our Realtors® for insight and support.
BCR Careers - Our Company Culture

Our Company Culture

Your real estate career isn’t just about selling homes, it’s about the relationships you share with the people you work with every day. At Beiler-Campbell Realtors & Appraisers, it is a priority to maintain a supportive atmosphere where people are lifted up and inspired. Giving back to and serving our community is an integral element of our company principles.
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BCR Careers - About Our Agents

About Our Agents - The Best in the Biz

The Realtors® at Beiler-Campbell are the best in the business. Well respected and sought after for their market knowledge, our agents value their partnership with Beiler-Campbell.

  • Typically, a Realtor’s median tenure with a brokerage is 3 years. At Beiler-Campbell, the median is 10 years! In fact, about half of our agents have been with us for over a decade.
  • Beiler-Campbell Realtors® consistently sell more homes than national Realtors®.
BCR Careers - Hear from Our Agents

Hear From Our Agents

Who better to learn what it's like to work with us than our Agents?

"I can tell prospective clients that Beiler-Campbell’s owners live locally and are always available any time I need help. This support allows me to deliver a higher level of customer service." - Elin Green

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Smart Questions

An indicator of your success in real estate is the success of the broker you partner with. A close look at the fundamental practices of a company – and their standing in the community – will determine if that company will help you succeed. As you interview brokers, ask these questions:

  • What is the entire compensation package including insurance, fees and splits?
  • What is the ratio of Realtors® to manager? How long do Realtors® typically stay with the company?
  • How long has the company been in business and what is their local market share?
  • Is the company culture a good fit for your personal values?
  • What types of ongoing training will you receive? How far will you have to travel for training?

Business Model

  • Brokers typically follow a "traditional", "pyramid" or "100%" business model to determine commission schedules. Each of these structures have different ways of splitting up the pie.
  • It is important to understand the entire compensation package and have a clear picture of elements that will effect your income including fees, graduated scales and business costs. As you consider commission rates, it's essential to examine the costs associated with each broker.
  • This topic is one you need to diligently search out the true income/costs of the brokers you are considering. Let's sit down and discuss the business model at Beiler-Campbell Realtors. You will come away with a clear understanding of fees associated with NAR, PAR and your broker so that you can make a well-educated choice.
  • To talk it over, email Jennifer D'Amico.

Myth vs Truth


If a broker offers a higher commission rate, I'll make more money.


National brokerages charge many fees that are automatically deducted from your gross income. Make sure you have a complete understanding of the entire compensation package including fees and splits.


National franchises hand out hundreds of leads every month to their agents.


It’s important to know how many Realtors® those leads are being distributed to – and how much you’re charged for them. A high volume of leads will not increase your sales – quantity does not equal quality!



I will have access to better technology if I work for a national franchise.


We use the same sales tools and technologies that national brokerages use. And our Realtors® receive comprehensive training and support to utilize everything each platform offers.


All Real Estate companies have a competitive, cut-throat culture.


Not so! Our priority is to maintain a supportive, family-oriented atmosphere. Our numbers tell the story - some team members have been here 45 years!

Career Simulator

Our three-part Real Estate Career Simulator is a tool that uses technology to recreate the real-life challenges that real estate Agents encounter on a daily basis. The Simulations use a variety of real estate job situations to measure your skills and abilities; identify your strengths and weaknesses; and offer suggestions for those areas in need of development to increase your probability of attaining success in a real estate sales career through:

  • Playing the role of a real estate Agent
  • Interacting with virtual clients interested in buying or selling property
  • Seeing how you measure up to the top performers in the industry

Sales Skills Assessment 
A 25 minute Simulator to determine if you are ready for a career in real estate  
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Sales Personality Assessment  
A 6 minute Simulator to determine if your personality is right for a career in real estate sales 
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Knowledge Assessment  
A 20 minute simulator to determine if you are ready for the future in real estate 
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I'm here to help!

Are you a seasoned Agent, looking for a new career or re-entering the work force after some time off? I'd like to discuss the possibilities of a career in Real Estate with you. Contact me and I can share information on how to obtain a license, job expectations and the costs involved.

Jennifer D'Amico

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