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Buying a home requires a trusted partner. That’s where we come in! Our valuable insight, founded on decades of local market knowledge, ensures you’ll make a smart buying decision on a home you’ll enjoy for years to come.

You Have an Advocate

Your Beiler-Campbell Buyer’s Agent exclusively represents your best interests and successfully negotiates on your behalf.

More Service

A Buyer’s Agency Agreement enables your Buyer’s Agent to provide more services to you. Our agents are highly respected professionals committed to superior standards and ethics.

More Time

Your Buyer’s Agent knows what you want in a home – so you save time only visiting homes that fit your personal criteria.

More Buying Power

Our Buyer’s Agents have access to industry insiders and local information that can affect property values. You can be confident your offers are based on sound, smart insight.

  • Unmatched local knowledge from 45+ years of experience in our region
  • Full services – residential to commercial, new home construction to historic properties, farms to parcels of land
  • Hands-on support and insights from our company owners and managers
  • Helpful staff who deliver personalized service with every transaction

  What Our Clients Say

  "I chose Beiler-Campbell Realtors & Appraisers based on their excellent and professional reputation. My Realtor always communicated with me effectively and I would highly recommend them to my family and friends."

  "We were very impressed with the honesty, transparency and knowledge of our Beiler-Campbell Realtor. We initially found them online and would rate our transaction as excellent."

  Hear more from our clients

Start the Conversation

  • Talk with us and share your home-buying goals
  • Execute a Consumer Notice and Buyer’s Agency Agreement


  • Contact Christian Campbell from Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage or visit delvalmort.com
  • Obtain mortgage pre-approval
  • List your current home on the market

Search and Find

  • Our online tools expand your home search! You’ll get a private web link to the MLS – when a new home hits the market, you'll know
  • Get access to additional property sources; for sale by owner, foreclosures, third party relocation, estates, auctions and developers
  • We arrange your showings and share information on neighborhoods, builders, local township regulations and factors that affect market values. Our knowledge of the local market is invaluable for navigating hurdles unique to your area

Agreement of Sale to Closing

  • Prepare a purchase offer with your Buyer’s Agent
  • Choose your preferred paperwork method – traditional or electronic
  • Your Buyer’s Agent will present your offer to the listing Agent and negotiate on your behalf until agreement terms are reached
  • Execute an agreement of sale and escrow deposit monies
  • Complete property inspections, obtain final commitment for mortgage financing, order title insurance and schedule closing
  • Your Buyer’s Agent has the full support of our team and affiliates to address any issues that arise

Settlement Day

  • Your Buyer’s Agent will accompany you on the final walk-through
  • Complete your paperwork and receive your home keys and deed


  Mortgage Services

Delaware Valley Financial Mortgage serves clients in Pennsylvania who wish to secure dependable, timely mortgages from a trusted local source. Over the years, the need for personal customer support has increased as online national mortgage companies offer little one-on-one help.

  Title Services

Anvil Land Transfer Company is a Beiler-Campbell Realtors® affiliate offering complete title service. We bring all parties together – Buyer, Seller, mortgage lender and Realtor® – to coordinate your settlement. With over 50 years combined experience, our team makes sure your transaction is carried out professionally and efficiently.

  Technology for Buyers

Our website updates constantly and features every listing on various multiple listing services. You can do a property search by price or area on our site and view not only Beiler-Campbell listings but every listing by other brokerages as well. You can also register to have properties sent you you as soon as they hit the market.

Important Wire Fraud Information Buyers Need to Know

What is REAL ESTATE WIRE FRAUD? Hackers try to steal money that is being wired for a real estate purchase by emailing fake wire instructions to the buyer before settlement. Criminals will steal an email address and logo to make it look like the email came from your real estate agent or title company. If you follow these fake instructions, the money will go into the hacker’s account.  Follow these tips to protect your money:


• Call, don’t email: Confirm your wiring instructions by phone using a known number before transferring funds. Don’t use phone numbers or links in the email.
• Be suspicious: Beiler-Campbell Agents DO NOT email wiring instructions and it’s uncommon for title companies to change wiring instructions.



• Confirm everything: Ask your bank to confirm the name on the account before sending a wire.
• Verify immediately: Within 1 hour, call the title company or real estate agent to confirm they received your money. 


• Immediately call your bank and ask them to issue a recall notice for your wire
• Report it to www.IC3.gov and call your regional FBI and police
• Detecting that you sent money to the wrong account within 24 hours is the best chance of recovering your money.  
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